Our Company owns  the most popular CAD-CAM Sofwares, togheter with our mechanize centres, which performes the design and production of Toolings, Die and Gauges for all the products

To desing and develop products, our company use the global CAD-CAM software and  a 3D measurement equipment FARO Arm as well. We also have a laboratory  equipped with several elements which allow us to guarrantee the design and quality of the final product

  • Blow Plastic:  Machine able to produce parts up to 120 liters
  • Injection Plastic:   Machines able to produce parts which demands of clamp force up to 1600 Tons
  • Bi-Injection Plastic:   Machines to produce parts made in two materials/colors demands of clamp force up to 1600 Tons
  • Finishing Process
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Functional Tests
  • Painting